Vabljeni na predavanje gostujočega profesorja Floriana Rükerja, 3. 10. 2014

Advancing Novel Antibody Biologics
Recently, it has been demonstrated that antigen-specific binding sites can be engineered into constant domains of antibodies, resulting in so called Fcab (Fc with antigen binding sites) molecules. Fcabs thus display all essential properties of antibodies, i.e. antigen binding, effector functions and long in vivo half-life at only one third the size of a full-size IgG. They can be used as stand-alone molecules and also as modular building blocks in complete antibodies, thereby allowing the construction of bispecific or oligovalent monoclonal antibodies. Data on recent developments will be presented, together with data on our recent work on different strategies to improve the stability of the Fc fragment of human IgG1 by the introduction of engineered intradomain- and interchain disulfide bonds.