The mission

The mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy is built on people who are aware of our personal mission in the framework of the higher education institution:

1. The development, planning and carrying out of higher education in all three cycles; the education and training of staff for performing scientific, development and professional work in the wider fields of pharmacy and laboratory medicine.

2. Planning and performing scientific and research-based work in the wider scope of pharmacy, clinical biomedicine and broader natural science fields in association with Slovenian and foreign scientific institutions.

3. Taking care of professional activities in the field of health and healthcare services in the framework of pharmacy practice and laboratory activities; performing professional and developmental work for the requirements of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, governmental institutions and the promotion of the pharmaceutical industry in the Republic of Slovenia and abroad.

4. Training and education of experts and managers for working in a globally competitive environment in pharmacy, laboratory medicine and cosmetology with a combination of scientific approaches and innovative teaching tools for the creation and spreading of knowledge to the global society with the purpose of human welfare and healthy aging.

As part of the University of Ljubljana, the Faculty of Pharmacy builds its reputation, integrity and development on the basis of excellence, effectiveness and the ethical stance of the students and teachers. We are building on the long-term tradition of pharmaceutical experience in Slovenia and beyond. However, our focus is directed towards the future.

The vision

The vision of the Faculty of Pharmacy is to contribute by helping to shape the future and at the same time remain an academic educational and research institution that is open to the world, responsive and responsible and recognisable among European faculties of pharmacy by creating and spreading scientific knowledge and acting for the welfare of Slovenian citizens and general development and thus strengthening the national identity.