Phenomena on Border Surfaces

5 ECTS (Lectures: 45 hours, Individual project: 15 hours, Lab: 30 hours)

Prof. Dr. O. Planinšek
Prof. Dr. S. Srčič

Syllabus outline
Intermolecular forces
Ellectric double layer and stabilization of disperzed systems
Surface and interfacial tension.
Measurement of interfacial tensions on solid and liquid interfaces.
Curvature of interfaces and correlateing phanomeny (capillarity, condensation).
Spreading at solid and liquid interfaces.
Interfacial thermodynamics, surface active substances and solutions
Physical (topography, size) and chemical analysis (polarity, nonpolarity) of interfaces
-scanning electron microscopy
Atomic Force Microscopy
-Specific surface area
Inverse gas chromatography
Fourrier transformed infrared spectroscopy
Solutions and solubilization
Polymer dispersions: colloids, solls, gells.
Colloids stability: DLVO theory
Association colloids: micells, vesicles, membranes.
Coarse dispersion: emulsions, suspensions.
Theory of formation and stabilzation of dispersed systems.
HLB, solubilizytion parameter, PIT
Formation and testing of emulsions (suspensions) 
Coalescence, deemulsification, sedimentation and flotation
Microemulsions and nanoemulsions
Foams: formation and stabilization
Anti foaming agents