Evaluation of Cosmetic Products

University Programme Cosmetology: 3rd year (5. sem)
Lectures – 45h, seminars – 30h, laboratory work – 15h, 7 ECST   

assist prof. dr. Alenka Zvonar
prof. dr. Odon Planinšek
assist. prof. dr. Pegi Ahlin Grabnar
asist. dr. Mirjam Gosenca

Syllabus outline
Regulatory aspects regarding the claims made on the packaging, evaluation of qualitiy of cosmetic products, evaluation of toxicity of cosmetic products (toxicity studies in animals, in vitro – alternative methods), safety evaluation of cosmetic products (dermal absorption studies), efficacy evaluation of cosmetic products (clinical testing, biometric evaluations- hydration, firming effect, anti-wrinkle effect, slimming effect, sun protection), sensory evaluation methods and sers perception and psychological impact.