Cosmetic products II

15 ECTS (Lectures: 75 hours, Seminars: 15 hours, Laboratory work: 45 hours)

assist. prof. dr. Pegi Ahlin Grabnar
assist. prof. dr. Petra Kocbek
prof. dr. Mirjana Gašperlin
assist. prof. dr. Alenka Zvonar

assist. dr. Ilija Ilič

Syllabus outline
1.    Hair care products:
a)    Shampoos
b)    Conditioning products
c)    Products for hair styling and setting products
d)    Products for permanent waving and hair straightening
e)    Products for hair coloring and bleaching
2.    Products for nail care and make-up
3.    Perfumes, toilet waters and eau de Cologne
4.    Deodorants and antiperspirants
5.    Shaving Products
6.    Depilatories
7.    Products for care of the teeth and the mouth
8.    Skin-whitening products 
9.    Anti-Cellulite Products
10.    Cosmetic products for acne
11.    Exfoliants 
12.    Aging, photoaging
13.    Amino acids, peptides, protein and inhibitors of metalloproteases in cosmetic products
14.    Hydroxy acids in cosmetic products
15.    Antioxidants in cosmetic products
16.    Vitamins in cosmetic products
17.    Cosmetic products for sensitive skin
18.    Cosmetic products for children
19.    Cosmetic products for the elderly
20.    Cosmetic products for men
21.    Cosmetic products for pregnant women
22.    Stem cells and Cosmetics
23.    Cell Growth Factors