The Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

In the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, we carry out pedagogical activities at all three levels of study. Our teaching, research, and professional work encompass the fields of Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Industrial Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Physical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Analytics, and Cosmetology.

Our main research focus is the development and evaluation of patient-friendly medicines. We are focused on classical dosage forms, where we provide comprehensive and expertise-based solutions for the challenges arising within industrially established technologies, as well as in innovative delivery systems. We develop specific technologies in manufacturing medicines with integrated quality (fluid-bed technology, high-shear granulation, melt granulation, multilayer tabletting, drying, etc.). We successfully follow the contemporary trends by developing innovative nanocarriers, biopharmaceuticals and theranostics, controlled drug release formulations, older and paediatric patient friendly dosage forms as well as we increase the solubility of drugs with different technological procedures. Members of our Department are experts on preformulation studies and characterization of final dosage forms and novel delivery systems by using state-of-the-art analytical techniques including numerical models for the prediction of processes and formulations.

The Department is involved in the Pharmaceutical Technology research programme as well as in several interdisciplinary research projects and professional networks (e.g., CEEPUS, PSSRC, ORBIS and RISE). We are proud of our long-term cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry, and the strong involvement of individual members in professional activities at the national (Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society, Slovene Chamber of Pharmacy, Chemical Office of the RS) and international level, where we participate in the organisation of symposia, as members of the (inter)national committees and editorial boards, as evaluators of doctoral dissertations at foreign universities, recognised reviewers and others.


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