• The Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

The Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

The objective of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology is to transform a drug into a therapeutically effective and safe drug product. The main interest areas are education and research work in the fields of technological procedures and development of different drug delivery systems. Its educational activities involve giving the lectures on graduate level. The students are trained about preformulation studies, pharmaceutical technology procedures, conventional and advanced drug delivery systems, cosmetic products and pharmaceutical analysis. They are introduced to drug manufacturing at industrial and hospital levels as well, which also involves the appropriate quality assurance measures essential for such products. The Department extends these educational areas to postgraduate studies, providing lectures for students pursuing master of science or PhD degrees. Furthermore, the Department has an important role, together with the Chamber of Pharmacy of Slovenia and other professional institutions, in theoretical and practical realization of specializations in the field of drug formulation.

The research of the Department is focused on preformulation studies concerning active substances, as well as on excipients; solid dosage forms (granules, pellets, tablets), liquid and semisolid dispersion systems (macro- and micro-emulsions, gels), and advanced drug delivery systems for targeted delivery (liposomes, nanoparticles, nanocapsules).

Traditionally, the Department´s main research areas are the use of thermal, rheological, EPR, NQR, AFM and other techniques, for establishing of  relevant properties and parameters  that play an important role in drug design or/and in the characterization and control of included substances. A number of specific technologies are used in the Department´s labs: lyophilization, fluid bed systems, compression, homogenization, etc. Part of the Department´s research is focused on modern multifunctional and biocompatible polymers for the design of drug delivery systems which ensure suitable pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of drugs.

The strategy of the Department is to strengthen the relations, in terms of research and development with institutes, faculties and pharmaceutical industry at home and abroad. The level of the research work of the Department is internationally recognized and confirmed by publication in scientific journals, patents and research reports.


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