Research activity

Intra-pocket targeted nanomedicines for treatment of periodontal disease (J1-6746)

Head: prof. dr. Julijana Kristl
Project time frame: 01. 07. 2014 - 30. 06. 2017

Chronic periodontitis is the most common periodontal disease, affecting majority of population over the age of 50. Currently available therapeutic approaches and medicines are only short-term effective; therefore, the comprehensive investigations of dental biofilm in relation to the disease pathogenesis, enabling development of innovative medicines for the permanent recovery, are necessary.
The project will focus on the metagenomic analysis of bacterial communities and the development of a novel therapeutic approach based on optimization of antimicrobial therapy and development of dosage forms with probiotics for targeted decolonization of periodontal pockets. The project aims to contribute to the understanding of the correlation between the composition and succession of biofilm formation and development of the disease. Newly acquired knowledge will be used in the development of nanomedicines and probiotics for targeted two-stage therapy. 
The project will be carried out by an interdisciplinary team of experts in the field of stomatology, microbiology and pharmacy, which assures a high scientific relevance, a broad base of knowledge and provides access to the infrastructure necessary for project realization. The researchers have knowledge and are well experienced in dental clinical practice, basic microbiology and pharmaceutical sciences. The project will follow the need of the patients and society to improve the currently available treatment approaches. More about the current project results can be found on the website http://www.sicris.si/search/prj.aspx?lang=eng&id=9269&opt=1.

Design, formulation and characterization of biomimetic nanocomposite systems for effective tissue regeneration

Head: prof. dr. Julijana Kristl
Project timeframe: 01. 07. 2011 - 30. 06. 2014

The project is based on the demand for transfer of the fundamental knowledge into the development of modern products for tissue regeneration to improve the quality of patient’s life and reduce the treatment expenses. The novelty of the project is systematic approach to the formulation of nanocomposites focused on nanofibers produced by electrospinning as an up-to-date method. The additional innovation is evaluation of regeneration using organotypic skin substitutes. The aims of the research are the following:
1. Fundamental preformulation studies: from material selection to nanocomposites
2. Formulation, physico-chemical and technological evaluation of nanocomposites
3. Biological evaluation of nanocomposites
The vision of the proposed study is not only to gain some new fundamental knowledge and skills, but above all applicability of formulated nanocoposites. Our research follows the latest scientific findings in the areas of materials, formulation technologies and tissue regeneration and thus creates new research goals in this interdisciplinary field of science. More about the current project results can be found on the website http://sicris.izum.si/search/prj.aspx?lang=slv&id=6917.


is focused on preformulation studies concerning active substances, as well as on excipients; solid dosage forms (granules, pellets, tablets), liquid and semisolid dispersion systems (macro- and micro-emulsions, gels), and advanced drug delivery systems for targeted delivery (liposomes, nanoparticles, nanocapsules).Traditionally, the chair´s main research areas are the development of thermic, rheological and EPR measurements, and determination and quantification of relevant surface area properties that play an important role in drug formulation design or in the characterization and control of substances. A number of specific technologies are used in the chair´s laboratories: lyophilization, fluid bed systems, compression, homogenization, etc. Part of the chair´s research is focused on modern multifunctional and biocompatible polymers for the design of drug delivery systems which ensure suitable pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of drugs.The strategy of the chair is to strengthen relations, in terms of research and development of specific dosage forms, with institutes, faculties and the pharmaceutical industry at home and abroad. The level of the research work of the chair is internationally recognized and confirmed by publication in scientific journals, patents and research reports.

Research areas of the Chair:

Design and formulation of nanoparticles containing protein drugs

Preformulation studies

Pellets and pelletization

Microemulsions research field

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) studies

Research programs and projects:

1. Research program of the Ministry of education, science and sport - field of pharmacy Research group Pharmaceutical technology:
Design, preparation and evaluation of the modern drug delivery systems (2004 to 2009) (Program P-0189)

2. Research projects of the Ministry of education, science and sport:

Determination of the surface properties of the solid and semi-solid materials using inverse gas chromotography (Project L1-5094)

Project leader: Prof.Dr. Stane Srčič

Use of inorganic carriers in design of particles and their potential use in systems with modified release (Project J1-6356)

Project leader: Dr. M. Bele