The Faculty of Pharmacy has the following organizational units: the governance of the facultythe secretariatchairs and the Institute of Pharmacy.

The governance of the Faculty consists of the dean, the vice-dean for education and the vice-dean for scientific research work. The Secretariat is the unit responsible for organizational, accounting and legal matters, which prepares professional basis for the decisions of the governance. The head of the secretariat is the secretary of the faculty. The Faculty of Pharmacy has six chairs, which represent basic organizational units for pedagogical and scientific research work, and the institute of pharmacy , that carries out basic and applicative projects. The Library of the Faculty of Pharmacy, is a unit of the secretariat of the faculty. It functions as a library, information and documentation centre in the field of pharmacy and clinical biochemistry.

The governing bodies of the faculty are the dean, the senate, the academic assembly, the financial board and the students' council.

The dean is the professional head and manager who directs and represents the faculty. The senate is the supreme professional board of the faculty for education and scientific research work. The academic assembly elects the members of the senate of the faculty and proposes the candidates for the dean to the senate. The financial board decides on financial matters The Students' Council is the body of the students of the faculty.

Prof. Rok Dreu, M. Pharm., Ph. D.
e: Rok.Dreu@ffa.uni-lj.si

Vice-Dean for Education:

Prof. Lucija Peterlin Mašič, MSc Pharm, PhD
e: Lucija.PeterlinMasic@ffa.uni-lj.si

Vice-Dean for Scientific Research:
Assist. Prof. Igor Locatelli, M.Pharm., Ph.D.
e: Igor.Locatelli@ffa.uni-lj.si

Vice-Dean for International Relations:
Assoc. prof. Martina Gobec, M. Pharm., Ph. D.
e: Martina.Gobec@ffa.uni-lj.si

Faculty Secretary:
Katja Višnjevec Vahčič
e: Katja.Visnjevec@ffa.uni-lj.si

Governance secretary:
Lidija Mataija
e: Tajnistvo(at)ffa.uni-lj.si