Modified Release Pharmaceutical Forms

5 ECTS (Lectures: 45 hours, Individual project: 15 hours)

assoc. prof. dr. Saša Baumgartner
prof. dr. Mirjana Gašperlin
prof. dr. Odon Planinšek
prof. dr. Julijana Kristl
assit. prof. dr. Petra Kocbek
assit. prof. dr. Pegi Ahlin Grabnar
assit. prof. dr. Alenka Zvonar

Syllabus outline
A short overview of controlled release systems
Hydrogesl as the basis of controlled release systems
Tablets with prolonged release: matrix and reservoar systems
Demo-lab course on prolonged release tablets
Systems with prolonged gastric residence time - GRT
Oros systems
Dosage forms with pulse release and chronotherapy
Multi-unit dosage forms
Lipid-based systems
Solid dispersions
Patents - Workshop
Transdermal delivery systems
Modern approaches for moist wound healing
Introduction to Nanotechnology
Methods for the preparation of nanoparticles
Active targeting in cancer treatment