Education activities

Uniform master’s study programme Pharmacy 5+0

Pharmaceutical Technology I

Physical Pharmacy

Industrial Pharmacy

Optional courses

Hospital Pharmacy

Modified Release Pharmaceutical Forms

Quality of Medicinal Products


Pharmaceutical Engineering


University study programme Cosmetology 3+

Introduction to Cosmetology

Cosmetic Products I

Cosmetic Products II

Packaging and Stability

Nanotechnology in Cosmetology

Phenomena on Border Surfaces

Evaluation of Cosmetic Products

Optional courses

Cosmetics in Sports


Master’s study programme Industrial Pharmacy +2

Pharmaceutical Technology

Industrial Development of Medicinals

Pharmaceutical Engineering

Optional Courses

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology I

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology II

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Design of Particle Properties

Pharmaceutical Technological Analysis

Process Analytical Technologies (PAT)

Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment

Cosmetology and Cosmetic Products

Modified Release Pharmaceutical Forms

Quality Management in Pharmaceutical Production

Industrial Media and Industrial Environment Management

Microbiological Quality of Pharmaceutical Products