The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The teaching activities of Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry are on undergraduate and postgraduate levels and on the first, the second (MSc) and the third (PhD) Bologna levels. Teachers of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry alone or in cooperation with other teachers of the faculty are engaged in realization of the following programs: Pharmacy (MSc and PhD, up to 13 subjects), Laboratory biomedicine, (1st level, up to 6 subjects), Industrial pharmacy (MSc, up to 6 subjects), Cosmetology (MSc) and Toxicology (PhD).

Teachers of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry are together with Slovenian Chamber of Pharmacy engaged in realization of different specializations and in permanent education of pharmacists. They are also members of different professional commissions and editorial boards.

The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry performs research concerning design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new compounds and develops new molecular tools for electron spin resonance and fluorescence spectroscopy. The main focuses are new compounds with influence on enzymes involved in steroid hormones transformation, in the peptidoglycan synthesis, bacterial DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV, enzymes involved in the mycolic acid biosynthesis in Mycobacteria, lectins galectin-8, DC-SIGN and FimH, voltage-gated sodium and potassium channels, Hsp90, Toll-like and NOD receptors, targets in blood coagulation cascade, and compounds acting on vitronectin receptors. Researches develop new synthetic pathways using microwaves, new analytical and separation methods, and new stable nitrioxides and fluorescents labels.

The mentioned research activities are performed in the frame of Research program group Pharmaceutical chemistry (2015-2021, financed by Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology), research projects financed by ARRS and the European project PhD4GlyoDrug (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017-EJD-765581).

Prof. Stanislav Gobec M. Pharm.

Academic staff
Prof. Marko Anderluh M. Pharm.
Prof. Janez Ilaš Ph. D.
Prof. Žiga Jakopin M. Pharm.
Prof. Danijel Kikelj M. Pharm.
Assoc.prof. Janez Mravljak M. Pharm.
Prof. Aleš Obreza M. Pharm.
Prof. Lucija Peterlin Mašič MSc Pharm
Prof. Marija Sollner Dolenc M. Pharm.
Assoc.Prof. Matej Sova M. Pharm.
Prof. Tihomir Tomašič M. Pharm.
Prof. Uroš Urleb M. Pharm.
Prof. Anamarija Zega M. Pharm.

Assist.prof. Rok Frlan Ph. D.
Assoc.Prof. Stane Pajk M. Pharm.
Assoc.Prof. Izidor Sosič M. Pharm.
Assist. Mateja Toma MChem
Assoc.prof. Nace Zidar M. Pharm.

Boštjan Adamlje M. Pharm.
Assist. Aleša Bricelj M. Pharm.
Benjamin Davis M. Pharm
Ivan Džajić M. Pharm.
Marzia Fois
Dr. Nina Franko mag. ind. farm.
Assist.Prof. Urban Košak M. Pharm.
Dr. Alen Krajnc MSci Hons
David Lukić
Assist. Doroteja Novak M. Pharm.
Emiliano Paradiso M. Pharm.
Assist. Peter Peršolja M. Ind. Pharm.
Assist.Dr. Matic Proj M. Pharm.
Daniela Secci MSc
Tjaša Slokan M. Pharm.
Assist. Žan Toplak M. Pharm. PhD
Živa Zajec mag. farm.
Assist. Maša Zorman mag. ind. farm.

Young researchers
Jernej Cingl Cingl M. Pharm.
Assist. Jaka Dernovšek M. Pharm.
Assist. Svit Ferjančič Benetik M. Pharm.
Assist. Katarina Grabrijan
Špela Janež izobr.
Ana Jug naziv
Vid Kavaš izobr.
Assist. Anja Kodila mag. lab. biomed.
Peter Mastnak Sokolov M. Pharm.
Assist. Anže Meden M. Pharm.
Assist. Martina Piga MSci.
Gradišek Nina Priimek Gradišek M. Pharm.
Assist. Edvin Purić M. Pharm.
Assist. Nika Strašek M. Biochem.
Assist. Veronika Weiss

Expert workers
Katja Perc mag. lab. biomedicine
Martina Tekavec dipl. ing. kem. tehn.
Damijana Zalar

Scientific associates
Assist.prof. Andrej Emanuel Cotman
Assist.prof. Martina Hrast Rambaher M. Pharm.
Assist.Prof. Damijan Knez M. Pharm.


Details on teaching activities, study programs and courses conducted by the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.


Details of the research activities, research programs and projects undertaken by the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.