Lek Industrial Pharmacy Study Grant

To the most motivated candidates, we offer a study grant covering tuition in the amount of EUR 7500 per school year. Applications are open until 15. 07. 2023

08. June 2023 | Faculty, Study, Štipendije


Candidates for enrollment in the announced study programs apply via an electronic application on the eVŠ web portal: https://portal.evs.gov.si/prijava/. The deadline for submitting the application with evidence is September 10, 2023 for Master's study program INDUSTRIAL PHARMACY: full-time study; and for Master's study program LABORATORY BIOMEDICINE: full-time study. The deadline for submitting the application with evidence is September 1, 2023 for Master's study program INDUSTRIAL PHARMACY: part-time study.

23. March 2023 | Study

Migration student e-mail accounts and eMail client settings

Dear students. We are informing you about migration students e-mail accounts to O365 platform. Please find instructions for email client setting enclosed. Migration will take place in late night hours from 14. to 15 of July, 2022.

08. July 2022 | Study

Study at the Faculty of Pharmacy

Since 2008/2009, the Faculty of Pharmacy provides only reformed or new Bologna study programmes at all three cycles.

Bologna study programmes (3+2+3 or 5+0+3, after each completed cycle, it is possible to get employed):
3+ undergraduate studies 3 years - first cycle
5+0 uniform master’s studies 5 years - first and second cycles combined
+2 postgraduate master’s studies 2 years - second cycle 
+3 postgraduate doctoral studies 3 years – third cycle


Master’s study programme Laboratory Biomedicine, +2, 120 ECTS credits, 4 semesters (2 years)

Master’s study programme Industrial Pharmacy, +2, 120 ECTS, 4 semesters (2 years)

Within the University of Ljubljana doctoral programme Biomedicine, the Faculty of Pharmacy offers a three-year doctoral study programme with 180 ECTS credits in three fields:
•    Pharmacy
•    Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Biomedicine
•    Toxicology