Process Analycical Technologies

5 ECTS (Lectures: 30 hours, Individual project: 15 hours, Lab: 15 hours)


Prof. Dr. O. Planinšek

Syllabus outline
Presentation of process analytical technologies (PAT) in connection with quality by design.
-History of PAT
-PAT legislation
-Methods of analysis (acustics, flow, fluorescence, gas chromatography, mass spectoscopy, niclear magnetic resonance, UV-VIS  spectroscopy, vibratonal spectroscopy and other methods usable for PAT applicatios.
-Exmples of application of PAT in production of pharmaceutical products.
-drug content, content uniformity, 
-influence of structure, particle size and particle size distribution and shape of drug and excipient particles in dissulution rate
-analysis of different parameters on tabet hardness
-PAT in monitoring of tabletting process
-PAT in monitoring of coating process
-PAT in monitoring of  granulation process
-optimization of development of new pharmaceutical dosage forms
-PAT and packaging
-Variables analysis