Cosmetology and Cosmetic Products

Syllabus outline
Differentiation between cosmetic and pharmaceutical products , cosmetic regulation in EU in Slovenia, skin -  site of action for cosmetic products - skin cells and  structures, epidermis dermis, subcutis, hair and nails, skin matrix  structures, polysaccharides and proteoglycans, lipids, acid and lipid protective layer, sweat and sebum excretion, skin microflora, properties and role of particular ingredients of cosmetic products, cosmetic actives (humectants, urea, vitamins, herbal extracts, AHA and BHA, antioxidants, enzymes…), excipients – lipophilic, hydrophilic and amphiphilic, thickeners, preservatives, antioxidants,  manufacture of cosmetics, packaging, quality control, safety and efficiency evaluation, categories of cosmetic products and their specifications. 

Manufacture of specific cosmetic product
Evaluation of cosmetic product
Evaluation of labelling and advertising of cosmetic product regarding to regulation