Pharmaceutical Technology

10 ECTS (Lectures: 60 hours, Lab:50 hours, Individual project: 10 hours)
Prof. Dr. S. Srčič
Asist. Prof. Dr. R. Dreu
Prof. Dr. O. Planinšek

Syllabus outline
Design of dosage forms, Ph Eur, USP, Formularium Slovenicum
Unit operations in pharmaceutical engineering.
Pharmaceutical excipients, water.
Pharmaceutical microbiology and sterilization.
Sterile dosage forms.
Colloidal dispersion systems. Emulsions and suspensions.
Powders, granules, pellets.
Tablets and compaction. Modified release drug delivery systems.
Pulmonary drug delivery.
Dermal and transdermal drug delivery systems.
Herbal extracts.
Delivery of pharmaceutical proteins.