National projects

Elucidating the role of immunoproteasome in platelet-driven immune response

The development of cancer metastasis is a disease hallmark, which predicts a poor outcome. Identifying novel therapeutic approaches that impair the immunosuppressive tumour microenvironment and enhance the immune response is of pivotal need. Herein, we propose a novel pharmacological target in shaping these processes, namely the immunoproteasome. Immunoproteasome is...

31. July 2019 - 30. July 2022 | 3.01 Medical sciences/ Microbiology and immunology

Development of NOD2 agonists and dual NOD2/TLR7 agonistic conjugates as novel vaccine adjuvants

Currently, our world is facing an acute shortage of novel vaccine adjuvants. Adjuvants enhance the immunogenicity of vaccines, therefore they constitute essential components of vaccines. They are needed not only to increase the magnitude of the response but also to guide the type of response to produce the most effective type of immunity against distinct pathogens/t...

01. July 2018 - 30. June 2021 | 3.01 Medical sciences/ Microbiology and immunology