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1.03 Natural sciences and mathematics / Biology
1.04 Natural Sciences and mathematics/Chemistry
1.04.02 Natural sciences and mathematics / Chemistry / Structural chemistry
1.05 Natural sciences and mathematics/Biochemistry and molecular biology
1.07. Natural sciences and mathematics / Computer intensive methods and applications
1.09 Pharmacy
1-09 Natural sciences and Mathematics - Pharmacy
2.04 Ingeeniring Sciences Technologies / Material Science and Technology
2.05.02 Engineering sciences and technologies/Mechanics/Experimental mechanics
2.06 Engineering sciences and technologies / Systems and cybernetics
2.13 Engineering sciences and technologies / Process engineering
3.00 Medical Sciences
3.01 Medical sciences/ Microbiology and immunology
3.03 Medical sciences/ Neurobiology
3.04 Medical Sciences/Oncology
3.05 Medical sciences / Human reproduction
3.06 Medical sciences / Cardiovascular system
3.07 Medical sciences/Metabolic and hormonal disorders
3.08 Medical Sciences / Public Healt
3.08 Medical Sciences / Public Health
4.00 Biotechnical Sciences
4.01.02 Biotechnical sciences / Forestry, wood and paper technology / Wood technology
4.03 Biotechnical sciences / Plant production
4.04.03 Biotechnical sciences / Veterinarian medicine / Therapy and health prevention of animals
4.06 Biotehniške vede
4.06 Biotechnical sciences / Biotechnology
4.06.01 Biotechnical sciences-Biotechnology-Recombinant DNA technology
4.06.02 Biotechnical sciences / Biotechnology / Bio-engineering
4.06.04 Biotechnical sciences/Biotechnology/Microbe biotechnology


New biofertilization approach based on the microbial multispecies biocatalytic aggregates

Soil quality is decreasing worldwide, due to erosion and intensive use of farmland. Crop plants are not adapted to reduced nutrient content, which is why we need to develop novel soil fertilization approaches delivering nutrients to the vicinity of the roots. In alpine oligotrophic soils mineral-weathering microbes accumulate in “hotspots” in the rhizosp...

01. October 2022 - 30. September 2025 | 4.03 Biotechnical sciences / Plant production

Development of biologically active and chemically stable xanthophylls based on a sustainable esterification of xanthophylls from renewable natural resources

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most common form of visual impairment in the world, affecting more than 67 million people in the EU alone. Early stages are often asymptomatic and there is no cure or treatment to reverse the course of the disease. Supplementation with two natural xanthophylls, lutein and zeaxanthin, is currently the only effective measu...

01. October 2021 - 30. September 2024 | 4.03 Biotechnical sciences / Plant production