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1.03 Natural sciences and mathematics / Biology
1.04 Natural Sciences and mathematics/Chemistry
1.04.02 Natural sciences and mathematics / Chemistry / Structural chemistry
1.05 Natural sciences and mathematics/Biochemistry and molecular biology
1.07. Natural sciences and mathematics / Computer intensive methods and applications
1.09 Pharmacy
1-09 Natural sciences and Mathematics - Pharmacy
2.04 Ingeeniring Sciences Technologies / Material Science and Technology
2.05.02 Engineering sciences and technologies/Mechanics/Experimental mechanics
2.06 Engineering sciences and technologies / Systems and cybernetics
2.13 Engineering sciences and technologies / Process engineering
3.00 Medical Sciences
3.01 Medical sciences/ Microbiology and immunology
3.03 Medical sciences/ Neurobiology
3.04 Medical Sciences/Oncology
3.05 Medical sciences / Human reproduction
3.06 Medical sciences / Cardiovascular system
3.07 Medical sciences/Metabolic and hormonal disorders
3.08 Medical Sciences / Public Healt
3.08 Medical Sciences / Public Health
4.00 Biotechnical Sciences
4.01.02 Biotechnical sciences / Forestry, wood and paper technology / Wood technology
4.03 Biotechnical sciences / Plant production
4.04.03 Biotechnical sciences / Veterinarian medicine / Therapy and health prevention of animals
4.06 Biotehniške vede
4.06 Biotechnical sciences / Biotechnology
4.06.01 Biotechnical sciences-Biotechnology-Recombinant DNA technology
4.06.02 Biotechnical sciences / Biotechnology / Bio-engineering
4.06.04 Biotechnical sciences/Biotechnology/Microbe biotechnology


Cathepsins B and X in breast cancer stem cells – molecular targets and relevance for antitumor therapy

Despite advances over the past years the treatment of breast cancer is still facing many challenges, among them overcoming cancer recurrence and avoiding therapy resistance are the main goals in the aim to improve patients’ status. Failure   in antitumor therapy has been, among the phenotypically and functionally heterogenous population of cells with...

01. October 2021 - 30. September 2024 | 3.04 Medical Sciences/Oncology

Tunneling nanotubes for innovative urinary bladder cancer treatments

Scientific background and problem introduction Urinary bladder cancer is 6th among all cancers worldwide and 1/3 of urinary bladder cancer emerges as multifocal tumours at different sites of the urothelium, e.g. epithelium which represents effective blood-urine barrier. Treatment usually includes the resection of the tumours during the transurethral resection of the...

01. January 2016 - 31. December 2018 | 3.04 Medical Sciences/Oncology

NOBIL - Novel Biomarkers in Leukemia

The project NOBIL will therefore focus on the translational research in oncology to contribute to the discovery of novel biomarkers and innovative individualized therapeutic approaches to overcome the resistance of leukemia. The proposed project emerged from ongoing effort of academics and clinicians at Faculty of pharmacy (prof. Mlinarič-Raščan) and Institut...

01. May 2018 - 30. April 2020 | 3.04 Medical Sciences/Oncology