Course content

PERC (Module I) covers fundamentals of development, preparation, testing and stability of sterile radiopharmaceutical preparations, basic information on European legislation in Radiopharmacy including GMP and Pharmacopoeia and basics of gene engineering and pharmacokinetics.


Lectures• Pharmaceutical technology, including formulation, packaging and transportation with special emphasis on parenteral solutions
• European Regulations and Legal Aspects, including Good Manufacturing Practices and Pharmacopoeiae
• Quality Control and Quality assurance procedures, including responsibility of personnel
• Medicinal Chemistry
• Pharmaceutical analysis
• Stability and shelf-life of (radio)pharmaceuticals
• Microbiology in pharmacy
• Biopharmacy with pharmacokinetics and genetic engineering

Visits, workshops and practicals

•    Visit to hospital radiopharmacy
•    Workshop on use of pharmacopeia in a daily practice
•    Radiolabelling of blood cells
•    Testing of endotoxins

Official language of the Course is English.

The course is open for pharmacists, chemists and biochemists with University master`s degree or an equivalent education according to the regulations of the ETH Zurich who are involved in the preparation, quality control, release or research and development of radiopharmaceuticals at Nuclear medicine departments, research institutions and/or industry.