Postgraduate European Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry/Radiopharmacy Course- Module 1: Pharmacy (PERC)

28. 8. - 8. 9. 2023

An intensive two-week course on Pharmacy and Legislation with practicals on radiolabelling of blood cells and testing of endotoksins.

Module 1 (Pharmacy) is one of the essential theoretical blocks, required to get European specialisation certificate: "Radiopharmaceutical Chemist/ Radiopharmacist". The postgraduate education consists of three modules taking place in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Zurich (Switzerland) and Leipzig (Germany). The course contents follow the the guidelines of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine EANM.

Module 1 introduces fundamentals of drug development and formulation, drug stability and evaluation, including biopharmaceutical aspects and European legislation. Special emphasis is laid on good practices, quality assurance of sterile radiopharmaceutical preparations and clinical trials.

Learning objectives

  • to improve knowledge on development and preparation of sterile radiopharmaceutical preparations and European legislation in Radiopharmacy including GMP and Pharmacopoeia
  • to acquire the European post-graduate specialization certificate in Radiopharmacy
  • to become a recognized  responsible person for the small scale production and quality control of radiopharmaceuticals


Module 1: »Pharmacy« is a Postgraduate European Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry/Radiopharmacy Course recognized by the EANM Radiopharmacy Committee as theoretical module 1 in of the Post-graduate specialization certificate program.


University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Pharmacy
Aškerčeva 7, 1000 Ljubljana
E-mail: rph(at)ffa.uni-lj.si

PERC is organized in cooperation with University Medical Centre, Department of Nuclear Medicine.