Research programmes

Pharmaceutical biotechnology: Science for health

Cancer, neurodegenerative and immune diseases represent a great health and social burden for our society. Due to prolongation of life expectancy the burden of these predominantly  age-related diseases is anticipated to be even greater in the future. To avoid the collapse of the health care system, new, more effective therapy strategies are urgently needed. Our ...

01. January 2019 - 31. December 2024 | 4.00 Biotechnical Sciences

Genes, hormones and personality changes in metabolic disorders

Our programme is based on activities and achievements in the last two decades in the field of chronic metabolic disorders such as osteoporosis and bone metabolism, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), diabetes type 2 (and to a lesser degree type 1) and insulin resistance as a common component of the last two disorders. The majority of our activities will be further res...

01. January 2019 - 31. December 2024 | 3.00 Medical Sciences

Medicinal chemistry - drug design, synthesis and evaluation

 The long-term goal of the research programme is discovery of new bioactive small molecules with a potential for development to drugs in important therapeutic areas through combined medicinal chemistry approaches. In the next period the research programme will focus on discovery and rational design of bioactive molecules exerting their action on validated drug targets, their synthesis and bio...

31. December 2014 - 30. December 2020 | 1.09 Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical technology: from drug delivery systems to therapeutic outcomes of medicines in children end elderly

The main focus of the Programme Group “Pharmaceutical technology: from drug delivery systems to therapeutic outcomes of medicines in children and elderly” is the delivery of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) to the targeted site in the body and the optimization of drug therapy in different groups of patients. The Group's research programme is d...

01. January 2018 - 31. December 2023 | 1.09 Pharmacy