a) Check with the Erasmus+ coordinator of your institution weather your institution has a valid Bilateral Agreement for student mobility and discuss internal conditions and selection procedure.

A list of billateral agreements with our faculty can be found on Partners page.

Please keep in mind the deadlines for applying Erasmus+ exchange:

- If you are applying for winter semester or full year: MAY 15
- If you are applying for summer semester: NOVEMBER 15

b) Check the circumstances for exchange students at the University of Ljubljana. Some issues are addresses herein. More information can be found on the pages of University of Ljubljana.


is performed by Office of International Relations of the University of Ljubljana (http://www.uni-lj.si/en/mobility_programmes/incoming_students.aspx)

Follow the instructions:

1. Your home university should first nominate you to the Office of International Relations of the University of Ljubljana. The nominations should be sent to intern.office(at)uni-lj.si

2. After your home university has nominated you to study at the University of Ljubljana as an exchange student, you should fill in an online application available at https://erasmus.uni-lj.si/ . There is no need to send a paper copy of the application.

3. At the end of the online application you will find the necessary documents to upload to your application: Transcript of Records (of your home university), Learning Agreement and Language Certificate. Your application is complete and will be processed only after you have followed all the steps of the application system and entered all the required information.

4. After Office of International Relations of the University of Ljubljana has received your application and Coordinator at Faculty of Pharmacy has approved your application, Office of International Relations of the University of Ljubljana will send you an Acceptance letter and information on living and studying in Ljubljana.


Compare the study programs of home and host institution (Academic programmes) and select courses (described in prospectus for each study program) that best correspond to your home faculty program. Make sure that your sending institution is crediting your studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy. Draft version of the LA should be signed by the Erasmus+ coordinator of your institution. After coordinator at Faculty of Pharmacy in Ljubljana will approve it or suggest some modifications, that can be done also upon arrival to Ljubljana.

Most lectures are given in Slovenian language; however certain subjects and practical laboratory work are organized in English.

Students are encouraged to participate in the lectures despite the language barrier. Laboratory practical work is obligatory. Students are provided with English study literature. Written and oral exams are taken in English language. An active written and spoken English is mandatory.

Students must present a language certificate of their Slovene or English language skills. Very good language skills refer to level B2 on the CEFR scale of the European Language Portfolio Levels. You can prove the language skills with document of your home University (Language skills are listed on the Transcript of Records of the home university); or by submission of the Language Certificate with CEFR scale; or with submission of TOEFL score of 79 (IBT) or IELTS score of 6 for English.


University does not provide accommodation for incoming students. However, they will help you finding the proper accommodation. Follow the instructions: (http://www.uni-lj.si/en/mobility_programmes/incoming_students.aspx).


Plane tickets are much cheaper if you buy it much in advance. Make sure you won't arrive to Ljubljana too late. Before arriving to Slovenia you should organize transportation from airport to the city. 


Here are the guidelines for your first tasks after you arrive to Ljubljana:

1. After your arrival you should FIRST visit the Office of International Relations of the University, Kongresni trg 12, office hours: MON-THUR: 9 am-11am, 2pm - 3pm, FRI: 9 am – 11am, where you will get student card and further instructions.

2. Next you will come to the Faculty of Pharmacy, AŠKERČEVA 7, Ljubljana and meet with ERASMUS+ coordinator Prof. Saša Baumgartner (Faculty of Pharmacy, 2nd floor, office 228). Please fix the appointment in advance by e-mail (international(at)ffa.uni-lj.si)

3. Students coming for a study period will need to consult the lecture schedule and planned Learning agreement. Bring your Learning agreement with you, that we can check it.

4. Attend meeting organized for ERASMUS+ students. A representative of Student’ organization will also be present. Here the registration will be provided; students will receive the lecture schedule, discuss final learning agreement and will get the instructions, how to find teachers, communicate with them….

5. Students coming for a research project will be introduced to their mentors.

6. Meet with student tutor responsible for Erasmus+ students. Her contact details are:
Mateja Polak (polak.matea(at)gmail.com)

7. Meet some Slovenian pharmacy students. They generally speak English fluently, so language barrier shouldn’t be a problem.


Before leaving make sure the coordinator issues final Transcript of records.