Erasmus exchange at Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana


Study programmes

At University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy, we provide the following study programmes:

• Pharmacy (uniform 1st + 2nd degree) http://www.ffa.uni-lj.si/fileadmin/datoteke/Dekanat/Pravilniki/PROSPECTUS_Pharmacy.pdf
• Laboratory biomedicine (1st degree) http://www.ffa.uni-lj.si/fileadmin/datoteke/Dekanat/Pravilniki/PROSPECTUS_Laboratory_Biomedicine_-_Bachelor.pdf
• Laboratory biomedicine (2nd degree) http://www.ffa.uni-lj.si/fileadmin/datoteke/Dekanat/Pravilniki/PROSPECTUS_Laboratory_Biomedicine_-_Master.pdf)
• Industrial pharmacy (2nd degree) http://www.ffa.uni-lj.si/fileadmin/datoteke/Dekanat/Pravilniki/PROSPECTUS_Industrial_Pharmacy_-_Master.pdf
• Cosmetology (1st degree) http://www.ffa.uni-lj.si/fileadmin/datoteke/Dekanat/Pravilniki/PROSPECTUS_Cosmetology_-_Bachelor.pdf

The lectures are in Slovenian language and Erasmus students receive English study literature and individual tutoring, laboratory practicals are organized in English speaking groups and instructions are given in English. We also accept students for Diploma or Master thesis or other types of individual research projects. In principle incoming students can combine courses from all of the above described programmes.
• The lectures are in Slovenian language, ERASMUS+ students receive English study literature and individual tutoring
• Practical laboratory work: International students are included in English-speaking groups, Writen and oral instructions are given in English
• Exams: Written and/or oral exams are provided in English language
• Research work for master or diploma thesis: International students are appointed to an English-speaking tutor (included in English-speaking research team)

The following courses are lectured in English:
• Pharmaceutical Technology 1 (20 ECTS, annual)
• Pharmaceutical Technology (10 ECTS, autumn semester)
• Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (6 ECTS, autumn semester)
• Toxicological Chemistry (5 ECTS autumn semester)
• Biopharmaceutics with Pharmacokinetics (9 ECTS, autumn semester)
• Social Pharmacy (4 ECTS, autumn semester)
• Pharmacognosy I (9 ECTS, autumn semester) 
• Pharmaceutical Technology 2 (8 ECTS, spring semester)
• Clinical Pharmacy (5 ECTS, spring semester)
• Biopharmaceutical Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Forms (5 ECTS, spring semester)
• Nutritional Supplements (5 ECTS, spring semester)
• Research Methods in Social Pharmacy (5 ECTS, spring semester)
• Psychotropic substances and Abuse of Medicinal Products (5 ECTS, spring semester)
• Cosmetology (5 ECTS, spring semester)
• Biomedical Genetics (5 ECTS, spring semester)

Research internship

For individual research training the student can apply for an internship at one of the following departments:
• Pharmaceutical technology and cosmetology
• Pharmaceutical biology
• Pharmaceutical chemistry
• Biopharmaceutics with pharmacokinetics and clinical pharmacy
• Social pharmacy
• Laboratory biomedicine

Please note that there may be no space at the department of your choice at the time of the exchange. For this reason you may put one or two alternatives.