University in Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy, invites applications for a job vacancy:

1. Position:    ASSISTANT - RESEARCHER (m/f)
PoE code: H019001

Required education (level and field): doctoral degree (PhD) from the field of natural sciences (pharmacy, chemistry, medicine, biochemistry, biology).
The candidate must have valid academic title from University in Ljubljana, in the fields of  Pharmaceutical chemistry or Toxicological chemistry. In case the candidate does not yet have a valid habilitation, he/she must submit, together with the application, evidence of compliance with the quantity and quality criteria habilitation.

2. Type of contract: temporary: from February 1, 2024 to September 30, 2025, with probation period: 3 months

3. Number of job vacancies: 1

4. Status: full time

5. Other conditions for the position:
We are looking for an organic or medicinal chemist with organic synthesis expertise to advance target protein degradation-focused drug discovery program. In this laboratory-based position, the successful candidate will maintain close interactions with computer-assisted design scientists and biologists.
Candidate will work with databases in his field of work; innovation, communication, knowledge of the use of computer tools, active knowledge of English is expected.
1 year of working experience is mandatory.

6. Job description:
Scientific-research work for the implementation of the project J1-50037; professional cooperation with the client and other researchers, preparation of written reports and studies on research and expertise.

Additional information about the project: 
The candidate will be working on the synthesis of heterobifunctional molecules (proteolysis targeting chimeras, HEMTACs, hydrophobic tags) with the aim to degrade a kinase CDK1. Development of protein degraders is a highly perspective drug discovery field, which represents a hot topic both in industry and in academic settings. During the course of employment, research stays in the laboratories of collaborators are possible.

Preferred attributes of the candidate:
- ability to work in a team and in a goal driven environment
- maintaining a high level of efficiency in the laboratory setting
- proficiency in communication, excellent oral and written communication skills
- serving as lead author on research published in peer reviewed journals, and present work at scientific conferences
- development and implementation of clear synthetic strategies towards complex molecules using innovative synthetic methodologies 
- postdoctoral experience is preferred, but not necessary
- track record of scientific contributions including peer reviewed publications
- track record of achievement in the synthesis of complex molecules and/or synthetic methodology development
- independent thinking and the ability to effectively collaborate in a highly matrixed environment 

7. Application deadline:  January 3rd, 2024

Written application with CV and evidence of eligibility should be sent by e–mail: ks@ffa.uni-lj.si. or regular mail to the address: Univerza Ljubljana, Fakulteta za farmacijo, Aškerčeva cesta 7, 1000 Ljubljana.

Univerza Ljubljana promotes gender equality by employment and work.

Contact person: 
Milena Petek
Phone n.: +386 1 4769 693;  
e-mail: milena.petek@ffa.uni-lj.si
Project lead:
Asist. Prof. dr. Izidor Sosič
e-mail: izidor.sosic@ffa.uni-lj.si