Novel cathepsin-X inhibitors and their ability to improve cathepsin B-directed antitumor therapy

Colleges for Department of pharmaceutical biology and Department of pharmaceutical chemistry together with colleges from Jožef Stefan Institute published the paper in journal Cellular and Molecular Life Science (IF = 9.261) entitled “Evaluation of novel cathepsin-X inhibitors in vitro and in vivo and their ability to improve cathepsin-B-directed antitumor therapy”. In the paper they show that new reversible cathepsin X inhibitor significantly reduces tumor progression, both in vitro and in vivo in tumor mouse models. Furthermore, the simultaneous inhibition of related cathepsins B and X with potent, selective, reversible inhibitors exerted a synergistic effect in impairing processes of tumor progression. Results of the study thus represent an innovative approach to overcome resistance to antipeptidase therapy and open new possibilities to improve current antitumor therapy.

Article is available at: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00018-021-04117-w