Implementation of Point-of-care testing in a pharmacy setting (UTMOST)

In cooperation with Inštitut za metagenomiko in mikrobne tehnologije d.o.o. and Javni zavod Lekarna Ljubljana UL FFA is carrying out the project Implementation of Point-of-care testing in a pharmacy setting (UTMOST), financed by Slovenian Ministry of education, science and sport, Public scholarship, development, disability and maintenance fund of the Republic of Slovenia and Social fund of the European commission. From 6.7.2020 till 17.7.2020 free screening testing for celiac disease (i.e. serological and genetic test) is available to the general public at the Pharmacy Mirje. The aim of the project is to investigate the attitudes of the general public and pharmacists towards pharmacogenetics and nutrigenetic testing in the pharmacy setting, as well as point-of-care testing, which is already implemented in the pharmaceutical care. The project is also promoting the cooperation of students of different study programs within the multidisciplinary team of experts. Six students from 3 differents study programs of UL FFA (EMFAR, S1 LBM and S2 LBM) is currently involved in the project. Photo