Cosmetic products I

19 ECTS (Lectures: 120 hours, Individual project: 15 hours, Lab: 90 hours)

assoc. prof. dr. Saša Baumgartner
prof. dr. Mirjana Gašperlin
prof. dr. Odon Planinšek
prof.dr. Julijana Kristl
assit. prof. dr. Petra Kocbek
assit. prof.dr. Alenka Zvonar
assoc.prof.dr. Aleš Obreza

Syllabus outline
Skin – a placemant for cosmetic products effects
Skin appendages: glands, hair and nails
Skin-proteins, matrix compounds of the skin
Oral mucosa
Microorganisms as a source of microbial contamination
Methods for reducing the number of micro-organisms and maintance of microbiological quality of cosmetics
Theoretical physico-chemical basis for the formulation of cosmetic products - an introduction
Mixing and grinding
Dissolution and solubilisation
Emulsifying and suspending
Differnet water types in cosmetics
Lipophilic ingredients of cosmetic products
Solvents in cosmetics
Silicones as an important component of cosmetic products
Inorganic substances in cosmetic products
Preservatives in cosmetics
Determination of microbiological quality and effectiveness of preservatives
Moisturizers - humectants
Oxidation, auto-oxidation, anti-oxidants
Pigments and dyes
Vechicles in cosmetics
Creams, emulsions, suspensions
Products for cleaning - cleansers
Face masks
Face masks - Workshop
Facial foundation
Eye cosmetics
Lips and lipsticks 
Self-tanning products
Skin care cosmetics
Dermocosmetics in pharmacy
Visit to the cosmetic factory