COVID-19 MEASURES – research guidance

In view of the current coronavirus situation and in accordance with the proposal of the University of Ljubljana COVID-19 Coordination Team based on the opinion of epidemiologists and infectologists and with its guidance on how to conductresearch taking into account the instructions of the Slovenian Government and the NIJZ, the Rector of the University of Ljubljana, Igor Papič, has adopted the new Resolution. Please find the list of all recommendations in the attached file. This resolution takes effect after 3 May 2020, when restrictions are expected to relax, and shall apply until it is revoked.

Friday, 24. April 2020
Urgent notice to University of Ljubljana employees and students

Until and including 23 March 2020 or until this decision is revoked, all forms of direct instruction (classes) are cancelled and personal contact is to be limited in all other activities (where possible). Other forms of communication are to be used instead (email, video conferences, online meetings, telephones, etc.). Contacts between employees and students and external associates are to be limited as much as possible.

Wednesday, 11. March 2020
New Notice for the students regarding Coronavirus COVID-19 - 26. 2. 2020

After considering the possible risks of the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infections the temporary measures were taken at UL FFA, aiming at protecting workers and students and are in accordance with the UL guidelines. The measures are valid until revoked or updated as necessary. Please find the list of preventive measures in the attached file. Any new notices will be posted on the UL FFA website.

Wednesday, 26. February 2020

Assistant Darja Kolar and prof. dr. Samo Kreft received the award »Prometheus of Science for Excellence in Science Communication«

Our associates assistant Darja Kolar and prof. dr. Samo Kreft received the award »Prometheus of Science for Excellence in Science Communication«. The award was given to them for their Hungry Pumpkin (Lačna Bučka) project. As stated in the justification, they use "an innovative approach to communication about food of plant origin". Their most notable post on calcium in foods reached over 57,000 readers in just a few months, with readers sharing it 456 times among their friends and liking it 2352 times.

Thursday, 06. February 2020

Prof. Dr. Marko Anderluh gave an invited lecture at ETH Zurich

On October 9 2019 Prof. Dr. Marko Anderluh gave a lecture at the renowned institution ETH Zurich entitled: "Inhibition of O-GlcNAc cycling enzymes - the cell's metabolic gauge". The lecture was a part of Drug Discovery Network Zurich seminar series (https://www.ddnz.uzh.ch/en.html), where ETH invites renowned researchers to present their research achievements. Prof. Dr. Marko Anderluh presented the results of the research carried out within the EU PhD4GlycoDrug project.

Thursday, 06. February 2020

Prof. dr. Borut Božič got confession »Prometheus of science for exemplary donation«

Our associate prof. dr. Borut Božič received the award »Prometheus of science for exemplary donations«, that Slovenian scientific foundation is awarding. The award was given for many years’ support of Festival of science, Independent monetary supports for young researchers and other projects of the Foundation and for spreading the culture of donation.

Monday, 24. February 2020


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