Development of novel platform for the detection of doping substances

Research group composed of researchers from the Chair for Pharmaceutical Biology, Faculty of Pharmacy UL (assoc. prof. Mojca Lunder, assist. prof. Tomaž Bratkovič, assist. Peter Molek, prof. Borut Štrukelj - leader of the project),  assis. prof Lovro Žiberna from Medical Faculty UL, prof. Joško Osredkar from University Clinical Center, in association with Slovene Antidoping Agency for the first time developed the platform for the detection of structurally unknown proteins, peptides and peptidomimetics. After rigorous examination of the proposal, World Antidoping Agency (WADA) decided to support the project. The mechanism of the platform based on the detection of any doping substance that binds to the receptors or ligands triggering stimulative physiological effect. Crucial advantages of the system are universal approach and high sensitivity which will bring to the overall success in the battle against doping.